Friday, March 14, 2008

What is the deal with imported displays!

Can you say "back order"????

Periodically, I check sites that carry various exhibit products to compare prices, see what's out there, see how competitive we are, etc...

Recently, what I have found is that a lot of exhibit sellers online are promising great prices for trade show displays that are so low priced (compared to industry standards that by the way are already pretty low) that they look too good to be true.

Of course when I investigate a little further, the answer of course is they are too good to be true. And of course, the products I am viewing are all imports. How do I know this? Because the same import suppliers contact me to sell their products too.

So when I visited the sites selling these low priced imports, I noticed that they were all "In Production" or had a significantly long lead time. To me, this is a little like a card trick. Because you get lured in by an extremely low price, only to find that the product is unavailable and the alternative that can be shipped to you sooner is at a much higher price!

The underlying problem with exhibit imports is that basically, the supply & quality are unreliable and that means if you buy an imported exhibit, you may get stuck with a cheap lemon because the replacement parts may be "In Production" too.

What you can do is simply find a supplier that can ship certain trade show displays on time or even the same day. Chances are, they are American Made, of high quality and come with a real warranty.....No Card Tricks!

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