Friday, June 18, 2010

Add light to your trade show display to attract attention

How often have you walked through a trade show and disregarded an entire aisle of exhibits because nothing really attracted your attention? In the exhibit industry, there are often times when standard trade show displays are passed over. The goal is to be dynamic, captivating, and attractive to attendees. And yet it is so easy to make the same display mistakes year after year that detract from this goal.

Many exhibitors do not consider the sheer fatigue of the average trade show attendee who has to make their way through tons of exhibits that all look relatively the same. We know that a good trade show exhibit must attract their attention in only a few seconds. Often times, exhibitors work at odds against this idea because they fill their exhibits with too much information. It is important to have a visual focal point; your core message, rather than a bombardment of individual trade show graphics and images that may turn off weary eyes. Also, eddy against the stream and be distinctive! This isn’t too difficult because most exhibitors tend to buy the same trade show exhibits that everyone else has and anything that looks different (different in a good way!) will attract more eyes.

Attracting attention with a successful trade show exhibit doesn’t necessarily mean depleting your trade show budget either by going bigger. Consider the marketing messages you are conveying to attendees. Hone in on 3 core messages that compliment your main idea. Produce large graphics for your main idea and compliment your visual presentation with pictures. Interesting images can effectively convey a message faster than words.

So, what if your competitors are doing the same thing? How do you stand out against them? Grab their attention with light! Light naturally triggers a visual AND an emotional response, distinctively or subtly. Think about it. Hazard lights, blinking lights, a sunrise, a sunset, all affect us in different ways.

The idea is to bring your graphics to life with backlit lighting. Backlit lighting adds dimensionality to your image and directs the viewers gaze. There are many options available for backlit headers and signs. Camelback Displays specializes in a range of light solutions including large backlit graphic display walls, called The Pop-Lite. This light box-like system transforms a sturdy pop up system into an illuminated, backlit display. Another type of pop-up uses what's called a "bubble panel" which curves outward from the other panels and is backlit. Backlit headers can also brighten up a pop-up or panel system. Light boxes strategically placed can emphasize ideas or messages and come in small or large sizes. Spot lights with colored gels can give a dramatic effect to your display, especially if they involve movement. Product displays with bottom-lit platforms can add interest and emphasize shape and form.

You may be trade show exhibit number 30 in an aisle of 40 exhibitors, but with a distinctive, backlit presentation, potential customers will surely gravitate towards the bright light ahead!

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