Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exhibitor Chairs

I was at a home show last summer and I noticed a lot of exhibitors using Adirondack chairs. There is a style of this chair that folds for transport and the effect was very natural and inviting in the various exhibit booths that sold patio products. Most of the chairs I saw were being utilized by foot sore show attendees wanting to take a break so this was a refreshing take that also punctuated that home and garden kind of feel and also navigating people to the booth for a little R&R. They had a lot of bright, bold colors too which really popped against other booths. There is also this positive association with those chairs. You can't help but think R&R; an image of yourself lounging on a beach, leaning back with your hands and perhaps a daiquiri resting on those over-sized chair arms. Definitely a nice touch.

At other trade shows, printed directors chairs are used quite successfully to support a marketing theme. Not only are they comfortable but they look sharp inside most exhibits. They come in various heights for whatever application; standard table height, counter height, and bar height. They also really drive your branding home with a printed logo on the front and back of the chair, to remind that tired attendee where they are sitting, and what you are selling. An added benefit is the mobility of these chairs. They are used in some many ways; make-up counters, movie sets, trade shows, etc. because they have a sophisticated look AND tear down easily. You can literally stick a Director's Chair in a carrying bag and walk away.


Bill said...

directors chairs are a great way to relax at a show. Not only are they comfortable, but because people are used to seeing them, they kind of blend in with the surroundings.

TerraBound said...

I think adirondack chairs are a great idea for a tradeshow booth for a home and garden show. They add a level of character to a booth and really brings the "homey" "outdoorsey" "relaxed" message, HOME!