Monday, February 21, 2011

Trade Show Industry is Alive & Well

Did you know that there is something like $263 Billion dollars spent a year for meetings and events in the US alone? This according to a study called “The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy.” Not only that, 1.8 meetings and events were held in 2009, representing a lot of economic activity in support of trade shows, conventions, meetings and other events. This translates into approximately 1.7 million jobs and billions of dollars to our GDP.

For our industry, this means that exhibiting at trade shows is still critical for many businesses, industries and certainly for the economy overall in supplying jobs and economic growth. Most industries will have one to several main industry shows and sometimes hundreds of lessor trade shows that generate product buzz, formulate connections and build businesses. Trade shows still offer bread & butter marketing solutions to businesses across the sales & marketing spectrum.
What better way build sales for example, than to gather a huge number of buyers of your product or service in one place, giving you an opportunity to develop relationships and orders.

For our company's perspective, offering trade show displays & exhibits, we see the diversity of trade shows taking place in the US; from comics and gaming to automobiles and aerospace.
Each one of the major trade shows represents job creation for the actual events, but also for the support, manufacturing, freight, etc...

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