Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good News For The Trade Show Industry

The CEIR Index gave our industry some good news for the 3rd quarter of 2011. Based on four key metrics, there was growth of 2.6 percent. This beats out the US GDP which only grew at 1.5%.
Also, compared to last year, trade show attendance is up along with the number of companies that exhibit at trade shows. Revenues and square footage also rose in 2011.

These are good results because it shows how healthy the exhibition industry is. See full article by TSNN. So, apparently (something we have been saying) trade shows are alive and well for generating business for exhibitors.

Never before has there been more choices for trade show displays exhibits, tools and accessories for exhibiting at trade shows. And due to the recession and global downturn, there are a lot of lower priced products in the market, ready to help companies look great when they exhibit.

Truss has always been a great framework to display graphics, products and backdrops. And the many types of custom trade show displays can fit into the plans of any exhibit design. Finish off exhibit displays with flooring, trade show furniture, retractable banner stands, brochure racks and many other options. There are even trade show games available.

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